My goal for the blog is to provide a forum to talk about films I’ve seen recently, along with a variety of other film related topics. So far, reviews of recent films have predominated, but that will shift as the end of 2014 rush clears up. Eventually, the reviews will expand to cover a variety of films from a variety of sources, including older films I see in digital formats. I will note when I saw a film on DVD or in a digital format; if not noted, it was viewed in a theatrical setting.

This is a personal blog; I am an amateur, and happily so. (Perhaps a way of saying I do have other interests). I enjoy thinking about film, and hence writing about film is an entertaining adjunct to that task. I don’t follow the film world obsessively like I used to, though – in the Internet age, there is too much, and, if you read my sketchy bio, you’ll understand that I enjoy some mystery with my film going. So, often I am ignorant of not only what is on the horizon, but of the particulars of a film that I’m about to see, the better to keep me excited. I try to keep abreast of current releases, and what is coming down the pike two or three months out, so I don’t miss anything vital. I read reviews, but this is for fun, so research happens only when I want it to. All of this is to say that this blog is something like the public diary of a filmgoer with strong opinions who knows a thing or two, pitched to any curious viewer, not just fellow freaks. It is a palimpsest of my reactions, not a clearinghouse or a place to find news or “information.” Thus the “reviews” might not be timely; in fact, they might be damned ahistorical. If I get excited about a tidbit of film culture, I’ll post something. If I see something on a screen that makes me react, it’ll go up here. I am thankfully breaking no new ground.

The date of release noted next to the film is the domestic release year, which often differs from the year of production, and in some cases the international release year. Basically, I’m noting the year I saw the film theatrically. Recent films are somewhat problematic, as now that films are released on-demand or streaming as well as in theaters, dates can differ; it’s also true that many films are released to festivals a year before they go into wider release (and often a year after production wrapped). Anyway, that’s my explanation for potentially fuzzy dates. For older films, the year of production will be used.

I know that some are allergic to ratings and rankings, as they can seem crass when talking about (what I hope we all consider) an art form. All the same, I enjoy ranking things, and drawing up lists, with the usual caveats about lists being arbitrary and unfair. Thems the breaks! Feel free to disagree.